Lead and copper reaplacement

Lead and copper thefts are literally going through the roof – with the roof being the most popular target for thieves who know only too well the scrap value of their easy-to-remove stolen goods.

Here at S&P Roofing we have a product available which eliminates the need to use expensive lead or copper materials even on listed buildings.

EVALON® is the perfect solution for new build or refurbishing projects.

  • In a range of colours and profiles to match, it has the same traditional look and appeal – at a considerably reduced cost. Slate grey EVALON® makes a great replacement for lead whether on listed buildings or in valley gutters between slate roofs.
  • It eliminates the need for additional and expensive anti-theft security measures
  • A single-ply membrane, EVALON® is made of polymers which have no scrap value to tempt thieves
  • It can be easily laid over existing flat roof mop sticks – thus further reducing carpentry costs
  • When fitting a new roof, all the usual steps required for lead can be eliminated. This saves time and money, not only for the cost of the lead, but also for the carpentry as EVALON® can be fitted with virtually no slope or fall
  • EVALON® meets all design criteria, performance and architectural requirements, and can be seamlessly fitted to the most complex and detailed structural forms in the housing or public building sectors
  • It has a life expectancy of more than 30 years

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