We may not live in one of the world’s sunniest countries, but using the sun to generate electricity with Solar Panels (Solar PV) is an ideal technology for the UK. With silent operation, little visual intrusion and often requiring no planning permission, S&P Roofing’s Solar system can be installed quickly and be generating energy from the moment it is commissioned.
The system is a clean, environmentally-friendly way to produce energy, can be integrated on to an exisiting roof or added to a new Evalon membrane system, should pay back the installation costs after eight years, and is simply maintained.

S&P Roofing use the exclusive ICB Solafix system on which to base the Solar panels. Solafix is a lightweight, aluminium-based framework that was wind-tunnel tested up to 200km per hour during development. Solafix and Solar Panels can be used on existing or new Evalon membrane roofs, and our installation teams are fully qualified and trained to meet all domestic and commercial industry standards.

A critical part of the process, our teams will enable a rapid final testing and commissioning process for your Solar PV system.

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